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You are on your way to receiving guidance from Wolfdreamer in four easy steps-


Step 1: Decide which reading or astrology chart you would like to have.

Readings: Given over the telephone                        ½ hour - $60

                                                                                           1 hour - $110




Astrology Charts:                                                  Birth Chart - $55

                                                                               Transit Chart - $135

                                                                            Synastry Chart - $175


All astrology charts are emailed directly to you via PDF.


Birth Charts are necessary before any other chart can be done. (Compare it to building a home - first you need a foundation before anything else can be built.)


Correct birth time, including AM/PM, is absolutely necessary to do your Birth/Natal Chart.



" Looked at my past and present situation with amazing clarity. Will be contacting her again soon, she's the real deal. "

Step 2: Fill out email form below and send. After you you press "SEND", Please proceed to the payment page by clicking the link in red below that says "Click HereTo Go To The Payment Page".  

Step 3: Order and pay for your Reading or Astrology Chart

Step 4: If you ordered a reading or astrology chart Wolfdreamer will contact you by phone to arrange an appointment time or discuss what is further required for astrology chart work.

Thank You!


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