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The Importance of Ascendants(Otherwise Known as Rising Signs)

Your Rising sign ~ Ascendant (ASC) and how important it is:

Your birth chart is basically a picture of the sky at the exact moment you were born. It shows all the positions of the planets, what sign they were in and what degree. In technical terms your rising sign–or “ascendant,” as it is often called–is the sign that was rising over the Eastern horizon at your time of birth.

Your rising sign is a very important part of your Natal~ Birth chart it is a big part of your personality profile. It shows how your project you’re outward self, how others will see you. Your rising sign often strongly influences people’s first impression of you, how you see and relate to others and how you will interact with them. The Ascendant is said to be the mask one wears in public… it is the first impression we make when we meet new people.

Just as all the other Signs of the Zodiac, the rising Sign will fall into one of the 4 elements ; Earth, Air, Fire, or Water.

Earth Signs like Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo have a energy that can be quite practical and secure. They may appear a bit shy, or cautious and serious.

Air Signs like Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are good at communication. They are perceived as sociable and friendly, if a little independent or detached.

Fire Signs like Aries, Leo and Sagittarius appear energetic, optimistic and enthusiastic. They usually appear friendly and non-critical, and they generally do well with others in social gatherings.

The Water Signs of Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer are seen as emotional, intuitive and feeling. These people may hide their true feelings and feel a need to be cautious.

If you know your Rising/Ascendant sign I have listed some of the attributes below. If you have not had your personal Natal~Birth chart done I highly recommend it as it is a invaluable way of being able to know not only more about yourself personally but it will also show you various areas in your life where you can succeed as well as give you the insight to how to work with different parts of your personality to achieve a potentially brighter future. All that is needed is your birthday information ( month date and year) the exact time you were born and the location of your birth.


If you have a Aries rising sign:

This helps to give you the attributes of being open, independent and dominant. You will be a thinker and a doer not so much of an observer. Aries is a strong rising sign, being a natural leader. You can be very sociable, friendly, caring and magnanimous. You generally tell the truth and don’t play too many head games. To some people you may seem a bit egotistic, harsh, and sometimes aggressive even if it is not your intention. Starting new projects and having a variety of different interests is important and you will be energetic in starting new things. You are exuberant, full of vitality and vigor. However, once you feel you’ve conquered whatever you have started, you move on as you can get bored easily. Patience will be one of your hardest lessons in life.

If you have a Taurus rising sign:

Your beliefs are strong and your mind can be stubborn. you project an image of stability and reliability. You are patient and persevering and yet fiercely stubborn, and you need to be pushed pretty hard before you lose your cool, but when you do, the object of your anger should just clear out of your way. Slow to enrage but slow also to calm down, your feelings of resentment may last a long time before they subside. You have a strong yet quiet way about you. You can be a hard worker and a stable life is every important to you. You may be very drawn to the arts such as music and visual arts. As a Taurus rising, you like being in nature it relaxes you.

If you have a Gemini rising sign:

You will appear to be talkative, witty, curious and generally positive. You may also enjoy travel be a bit flighty an irritable. You enjoy meeting people and have a special gift for verbalizing your opinion of things. There is the ability to be intelligent and you will probably enjoy puzzles word games and anything that engages the mind. You will get bored easily needing variety and constant change. Although you enjoy being around others and you are friendly, you mostly relate to other people on a mental plane rather than an emotional one.

If you have a Cancer rising sign:

You’re very perceptive about the needs of other human beings. You are very cautious, subtle and intuitive. It’s not easy for someone to get through your defenses. When they do get to know you, they will find a caring, attentive and bighearted individual. You don't easily make friends, but you easily adjust to people. You make it possible for other people to be comfortable with you. This can be confusing because, some people will come up against your protective shell. And even if they are comfortable around you, it doesn’t mean that you are necessarily comfortable with them. You may feel as if you are the one that everyone dumps their emotional problems on.

If you have a Leo rising sign:

Expressive, strong, thoughtful, gracious and generous would be a few of the words to express your energy. You can be very appealing to other people; and be the life of the party, generally having a good sense of humor as well. You generally see the sunny side of life. You are also a high achiever and self-assured. Some people may remark that the first impression you give is – too strong this could mean that you may be appearing to dictatorial to them. You will have very strong opinions on everything. You probably have a liking for the more expensive and lavish things in life. You do things on a big scale. In any project, you expect to be the leader; you like being the leader. When other people don't see that you’re the one to lead, you can become prideful and moody. Self respect and personal worth are very important to you.

If you have a Virgo rising sign:

You appear reserved, observant, analytical, and nervous. You generally see the world on a mental plane rather than an emotional one. It doesn't mean you are un-feeling, it's actually the opposite; you have deep and caring feelings. You like facts. Regulating and rationalizing data and getting to the bottom line. You sometimes get stuck on the details and lose sight of the big picture. Always seeking perfection, you may find it difficult to accept situations or people as they are. You have an excellent critical faculty that is sometimes expressed as fussiness and too much attention to detail. You have a sympathetic nature, are spontaneous and very, helpful. Practicality and conservatism feature strongly in your personality.

If you have a Libra rising sign:

Some of the words that would describe this would be charming, optimistic, socially adept and accepting. Even though you are friendly, you may appear emotionally detached . If you sense an imbalance around you, you can get upset, demanding and even bossy until you feel all is in balance again. You are captivating, refined, and selective. You happily jump into things that promise to be exhilarating. The problem arises when you lose your persistence and let everything go. As a Libra rising, you dread taking chances. This position gives you the ability to see various alternatives in any situation, and to understand the other person’s point of view. The one problem with this approach to life is that it can lead to chronic indecisiveness, and you may just sit on the fence and will not be able to make up your mind. You will try to base your actions on what is true and just, but you will have to learn eventually to make decisions, and to accept responsibility as a consequence. The first impression others have of you is of a friendly, charming, fair and just person who is very sociable but also someone who does not have the strongest character.

If you have a Scorpio rising sign:

You can appear to be secretive, quiet, brooding, and mysterious. You are driven, formidable, active and strong. You are very charming and you can get almost anyone to do what you want, it's hard to tell you no. You are ingenious, original, and imaginative. Someone may look at you and see a calm and collected expression, but underneath that, your thoughts are always going. You have an intense approach to life, with a desire to get to the root of any issue so that you can understand it from the bottom up. While you are sensitive to the emotional atmosphere around you, you will tend to keep your own emotions behind a barrier to protect them; you will be secretive and will questions every action asked of you. Those emotions can remain under the surface until the pressure becomes too great and the repressed energy is released in a burst of anger, or by some action that expresses unmistakably how you feel. You are a restrained person and very private. You like to be in control. You prefer to work alone. You are probably thought of as easy to talk to, but if the person really pays attention they would see that you don't say much, they are doing virtually all of the talking. You're a quietly observant person, keeping an eye on everything. You file all the things you hear and see to use it in the future.

If you have a Sagittarius rising sign:

Your immediate impression on others will be of a friendly and expansive person, You relish a good debate, a give-and-take conversation of views and ideas. You are good at making friends and can be the life of the party. Jovial, direct, opinionated, and honest. You are a reformist. You are naturally hopeful for the future. with a great deal of energy and faith in life’s many possibilities. For you, pursuing your goals will often be more rewarding than actually achieving them. It is the journey that is important, and when you have reached your destination or achieved your goal, you will be looking around for another to take on. Those with Sagittarius rising are the philosophers of the zodiac, and your need of knowledge and self knowledge is one of your real strengths. You may have a tendency to live beyond your means or impulsively promise something that you cannot deliver, and your wide ranging approach can lead to you ignoring vital details, which can cost you dearly. In relationships, friendship is very important as is someone who can challenge you intellectually. If someone is not on your level, boredom can quickly set in. You will hate being hemmed in, and need plenty of space in which to live. When life offers no challenge, be aware that you can be beset by depression and you can get drawn into eating or drinking to excess

If you have a Capricorn rising sign:

It is very important for you to feel that the life you are living stands for something. You are dependable, unchanging and you have dignity. You have an agile mind and you are intelligent. Diligent, controlled, serious, and detail oriented. Once you have set your sights on a mountain to climb you can pursue your goal in spite of set-backs and disappointments and nothing can stop you from reaching the top, even if it takes a lifetime. If an adversary has a flaw in their plan, you see it, figure it out and take advantage. You are so shrewd that you run the risk of people calling you a schemer. Often you will be unable to see yourself or analyze yourself clearly, so you may underestimate your own abilities. You will tend to have a serious air about you & others may perceive you initially as cool and not very approachable. In relationships, those with Capricorn ascendants can be very warm, caring and sensitive to their partner’s needs and may even worry over them and show undue concern. Avoiding tension is necessary, as you can develop skin complaints if stressed, and Capricorn Ascendants can suffer with depression when setbacks block their progress in life.

If you have a Aquarius rising sign:

You're seen as idealistic, progressive, and contrary. This and indicates a need to view yourself and your life from a detached perspective. Your approach to life is generally unconventional and free-minded and friendly to others. You need your own space and the freedom to make your own choices and decisions. You can be a walking contradiction. You love being a homebody and you love to go out. You are outgoing and you are sullen. You do have a need to be, and to be seen as, different from the norm, any attempts by others to bind you to a course of action or limit your freedom of self-expression will reveal the rebellious and uncompromising side of your nature, and you will, one way or another break away from whatever it is that is placing limitations upon you. You may seem like a modern, changeable and lenient person to other people, but in time, they’ll see that you're as bull-headed as a Taurus when it comes down to what you think You are fiercely stubborn, and this can cause you problems; sometimes you do need to compromise.

If you have a Pisces rising sign:

You have an active imagination and are warm with your friends and lovers. Some words to describe how others see you would be romantic, sensitive, vague, and adaptable. Sensitive and impressionable in your general approach to life . Your personality is changeable; you are moody. At times, you become distressed and worried. need to work at gaining a strong sense of identity, since your openness and extreme sensitivity to the needs of others may cause you to be taken advantage of, or to be led into actions that you would not personally choose. You are generally not someone who leads from the front, but someone who influences subtly from the background.

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