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8-2- 2016 Thru 9-27-2016

As we move through the shadows of our past and leave our perceptions of who and what we think we are behind us, we then rise up to a higher vibration of clarity and awareness. ~ Wolfdreamer

This is the beginning of a whole new energy, as Mars leaves the sign of Scorpio and moves into the more expansive energies of Sagittarius. This ushers in new things, opening up a portal to new beginnings, and opportunities for us all.

Sagittarius can be impulsive, restless, philosophical, spiritual and religious and embodies an eagerness to forge ahead into the unknown and unexplored areas of life. Recognizing the energies of this planet and sign together can also produce impulsiveness to rush ahead and potentially act before looking at the consequences of our words and/or actions definitely needs to be considered as well.

Sagittarius is a fire sign and Mars is very comfortable here because Mars is a planet that represents how we “take action” in our lives. It is a driving force associated with our forward momentum in achieving our goals. So, with this changing of the signs we will now start to regain momentum and move forward with more purpose. This will become even more noticeable after Mars moves out of its retrograde shadow on August 22nd . This is also a sign to move forward on any projects stuck on hold since last spring when Mars was still in retrograde.

Each sign of the Zodiac has a ruling planet (or planets… such as Scorpio, which has two and is ruled by Pluto and co ruled by Mars).

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter. The energy of Jupiter is expansive, and always brings in more of whatever is happening. This can either be good, or just the opposite, so keep in mind what I mentioned earlier about thinking before you act impulsively.

Want to find out more of how the planet Mars in the sign of Sagittarius will be affecting you personally?

Wolfdreamer can give you the answers. Along with Astrology, she has been doing readings for over 40 years professionally, giving clear positive guidance with in-depth readings about love relationships career and guidance using her natural abilities of being a clear channel medium, clairvoyant, clairaudient, and psychic intuitive.

541 295-0804

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