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We just had a Solar Eclipse in the sign of Virgo on September 1st. (This is where the Moon is in front of the Sun) Combining this with the New Moon energies which signify new beginnings on the same day it makes it even more powerful.

Something old comes to an end and something new takes its place and it is defined by the sign that it is in. How this impacts you personally is where it is located in your natal~birth chart and where the planets are currently that are transiting through it.

There is a big emphasis on Virgo and what Virgo energies are about. The Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Mercury and North Node are all in Virgo now, signaling that what we need to change most of all is our materialistic view of reality. Our consciousness is the biggest factor in determining how we can bring potential into our lives.

Mercury is now in its own sign of Virgo and will be staying there until October 7th It also turned Retrograde on Aug 30th and will be revisiting degrees and areas of your life encouraging you to deepen your awareness in these areas, examine what you have done, and perhaps even make necessary changes when Mercury turns direct again on the 22nd (Fall Equinox).

The value of the retrograde energy is that when we use our thoughts, and intellect to understand ourselves more we can use this conscious awareness to make better choices. In some ways it is a bit of a do over.

A time to re-examine, and evaluate where you are now and where do you want to make the conscious choices needed to have a better future. We need to be careful when implementing plans at this point; as we may not yet have all the necessary facts for making the best choices.


Mercury represents communication and commuting in all forms paying attention to details, and Jupiter is all about expansion. It also attracts abundance, so combining these energies together we are encouraged to grow and expand into a more aware, meaningful, expansive awareness of our actions. What are our thoughts and how do we express ourselves.

We want to use the Jupiter energies to expand into a wiser and more meaningful perspective. Remembering that we want to use the energies of Mercury to help expand and bring in the abundance in a good way and not the opposite.

So reach into your higher visions of who you see yourself as and re-define and examine where do you want to grow spiritually. This is a time to help us learn lessons of how we need to think and respond to our world and those who live in it with us. Remember what we put out we receive back.

Many Blessings,


The planet Mercury turns retrograde on August 30 and will stay there until - September 22, with a "shadow" period on both sides of these dates that will last about a week. When Mercury is retrograde we often experience problems with communication and travel which are both areas that the planet rules.

During the retrograde period of about 3 weeks it is actually an excellent time for planning, organizing and reflection but not necessarily a good times to begin something new.

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