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November Astrology Forecast

Throughout October, Mars was in the sign of Capricorn, the zodiac sign of discipline and organization. Reflecting back on the last five weeks you may see that your plans and goals have become more decisive, and clear. Now is a time to follow through in the areas of your life that can be improved with more of this energy.

November is a dynamic month, Mercury through Saturn, are in direct motion, which can provide you with the momentum to follow through on your ideas and put distractions aside. Focus on the possibilities for continual progress.

This month is also full of potentially distressing emotional intellectual and/ or mental disturbances in the lives of many people. On Nov. 9th powerful energies brought on by the planet Mars entering the sign of Aquarius can usher in some radical changes in our lives or the environment that we are living in as well.

We may feel that we need more personal space because the sign Aquarius is ruled by Uranus which is a revolutionary planet of change, independence, and freedom among other things. As Aquarius also represents group consciousness, we may also get more fired up by political or social causes and also how our actions can affect others. Mars will be in Aquarius until Dec 19

On the 11th We will have a powerful beginning of a T-Square with Jupiter opposition Uranus square Pluto

On the 12th Mercury the planet of communication and commuting enters into the sign of Sagittarius and inspires us to be more open and receptive to new ideas and sharing with others. Sagittarius is a fire sign which embodies action and motion it has expansive energies because it is ruled by Jupiter so this could inspire many people towards more visionary thoughts. Ideas of travel and furthering studies in higher education could also be a part of the picture. Start reading that new book, make that telephone call, run those needed errands.

With Mars in forward thinking Aquarius and Mercury in visionary Sagittarius, the potential future and what it may bring will be on virtually everyone’s mind.

There is a Super Full Moon on the 14th that will be in the sign of Taurus.

The Sun and Moon are in opposition of each other, highlighting the contrast between Taurus and Scorpio. Scorpio is very mysterious, intense and secretive; Taurus is practical, grounded and realistic. This will help us to ground ourselves more, as Taurus is one of the Earth signs. The Moon loves to be in Taurus, her sign of exaltation.

On the 18th Mercury forms a square with Neptune so we may find it more challenging to think clearly and express ourselves to others. Misunderstandings, along with miscommunication are likely so it is important for us to listen closely to others and pay attention to what we are trying to say also. This is a good time to tune in to your intuition.

Neptune turns direct on November 19, making that a important day for those who have been experiencing a spiritual or psychic opening this year.

On the 19th Venus sextiles Neptune. A wonderful time to allow your creativity to flow, maybe so some art? Tap into your higher power and let inspiration guide you.

The Sun will enter the sign of Sagittarius on the 21st leaving behind the sign of Scorpio for another year. Scorpio sees beyond the surface of things, Scorpio waters run deep. This is a sign that understands mysteries (and knows how to keep secrets as well)

This Fiery, Mutable sign of Sagittarius carries an optimistic and enthusiastic energy reminding us to have faith. The planet associated with Sagittarius is Jupiter. Known for extravagance, and doing everything in a big way This will bring in a lighter energy than what we have all been experiencing from the intensity of Scorpio’s transformative and powerful energies for the last month.

When Jupiter is involved there is a tendency to throw caution to the wind, and go to extremes. This can play a big part in the upcoming holiday season. Watch your spending try not to put everything on those credit cards as you will be paying BIG on the interest later.

Blessings All

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