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Mercury Retrograde is Coming! December Forecast Part II.


Yes… Mercury the planet that rules all forms of communication, understanding and commuting will be going retrograde again on December 19th thru Jan 8th of 2017.

Wherever you have Virgo or Gemini in your birth/ natal chart, you will be feeling the effects and experiencing the energies of the Retrograde.

Many of you understand or at least have a good idea of how this can affect us. We go through this 3 or 4 times a year as Mercury’s energies shift into this.

In 2016 , Mercury retrogrades four times, all in the Earth signs of Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo and then Capricorn again .

Mercury turns retrograde January 5th turns direct on January 25th 2016 Mercury turns retrograde April 28th turns direct on May 22nd 2016 Mercury turns retrograde August 30th turns direct on September 22nd 2016 Mercury turns retrograde December 19th turns direct on January 8th 2017

Because all of these Mercury retrogrades are in Earth signs this year good advice would be to be as practical in finding solutions to problems as you can, and also try to strongly stick to your financial budget.

Mercury rules all types of communication, speaking, learning, reading, listening, writing, buying and selling. Mercury also rules all contracts and agreements, including any important documents, agreements, deeds, contracts, leases, wills, etc.

Mercury’s domain also covers all forms of transportation, and travel. We ourselves are more inclined to think a bit slower as we process all communications .There is the potential of greater misunderstandings, potential delays including our travel plans, mail and all messages may be slower.

Make sure that you back up your computer before the 19th. Also your internet connections may also be slower than normal. And look twice after stopping at that traffic light, even when it turns green for you as someone else may not be paying attention! Mercury retrograde is not the best time to start a new job or long term assignment or a new relationship.

The Good part of Mercury Retrograde is that… This is an excellent time to go back over things, re-do -, re-organize, re-think, re-assess and plan for your next new plan of action. Just like the saying “get all your ducks in a row”.

I always use this time to tidy up my office go thru my files and get everything where it needs to be so I am more effective.

Pay old debts, take care of anything that you have been postponing, get things off the back burner and take care of them now so you can move forward with clearer energy and defined purpose once Mercury goes direct again.

Clean out your closet, get rid of clothing you no longer wear and donate to a charity or cause. Try to think of this as an opportunity to get things moving into a better direction in your future. Also People often reconsider their feelings when Mercury is retrograde, and sometimes this can turn out to be more favorable to you than you thought originally.

Blessings all,


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