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Welcome 2017 January Astrological Forecast

Happy New year everyone! Starting out with this new energy we have the planet Jupiter in Opposition to Uranus. Uranus is all about the shock and sudden changes and Jupiter is magnifying this energy. So part of this will be about bringing things up that have been hidden. We will be getting to the bottom of things. However this will take time.

Saturn is moving through Sagittarius, and is also making a trine to Uranus. Uranus is as I mentioned before is shock, surprise, the great awakener, electrical, etc. So, we can expect the unexpected. You know the lightning is going to strike but when and where? And Saturn trines ( harmonizes ) with Uranus making its’s first exact aspect on Christmas eve and again in the middle of May and then again on the first part of November it is being supported by Saturn, the, critical planet of follow through and hard work, the task maker. And the law of Karma

So, what this breaks down to is that Uranus brings things out, and Jupiter magnifies it, and Saturn helps to stabilize and make us look at the long terms results. Take responsibility for creating structure in your own life.

We also have a stellium ( 3 or more planets in the same sign) Moon, Mars , Neptune and Chiron, with Venus joining in on the 4th all under the sign of Pisces now . There is confusion and a fogginess of energies, these creative and nebulous energies will be affecting everyone.

Also on January 4th we have Mercury (our communication and thoughts) sextile the planet Venus (art & beauty and all the things we like) This energy turns your thoughts and ideas towards what inspires you and surrounds you with love and beauty. This is a good time to be creative, or do something related to the arts. Take a nice walk along the beach or in the mountains, read a good book, go shopping for something nice to wear etc.

Many of us feel stuck and don’t know what to do or where to start doing things. It is extremely hard to get ourselves going in the first week of this New Year. There is much more to look at especially combining it with the Mercury retrograde which will be ending on the 8th. Mercury Retrograde indicates lots of stops-starts, plenty of delays and re-routing. This may be not what you wanted, yet it also forces you to stop and think. However, we will not be out of the shadow until around the end of the month.

When we get this much energy in Pisces and feeling like not really doing much, it should cause us to pay more attention. So what are you paying attention to? Are you connecting with your higher power? Are you re affirming your faith in God? There are messages coming thru, are you listening, are you connecting to the spiritual? Are you connecting thru prayer? Meditation? This is an excellent time to get more reconnected. If your trying so hard to get things done ( Mars at work here) you will be finding yourself struggling more as things are still foggy with all that Neptune influence, and you will need to wait a bit longer to let things clear up more. We do need to keep moving in our lives however with the stellium of all these planets in Pisces.. you need to stop and re evaluate, don’t be so quick to jump.

You may need to think about your own limitations, and how you’ve contributed to the obstacles that stand between you and your goals. Pay attention to the energies…time to slow down… go within .This is not the time to try to make a big move in any part of your life. You may also want to think about what it is you might be holding onto too tightly and more importantly why.

On January 12th we will have our first full moon in the sign of Cancer. Remember the Moon represents our emotions. My advice here is to do your best to stay away from emotionally charged situations during this time.. Why? Because while this normally could indicate a nurturing time and a potential occasion for domestic bliss, the Moon is also involved in a Grand Cross which to explain in a simple way would be equal to a 4-way planetary showdown. A Grand Cross aspect pattern is a square formed by at least four planets.

This Cardinal Grand Cross involves the Sun opposite the Moon at right angles to Jupiter opposite Uranus. Jupiter and Uranus form a powerful T-square, being opposed, with Uranus, and in square to Pluto.

So….With the Sun (representing ego ) in Capricorn ( ruled by the heavyweight strong willed Saturn. Uranus ( the great awakener) ruler of Aquarius and expansive Jupiter ( ruler of Sagittarius) adding much more to all the other energies involved , we could all feel pulled in many directions now, or we might even experience some more major upheavals in politics again. Remember that Pluto is all about transformation. Death of something old so that something new can be reborn.

Be prepared for some frustrations or tension in the air now. There may be challenges between partners or even a personal sudden event that releases your built up tension and leads to a major change in circumstances. The more restricted you have been feeling over the last month or so , then the more upsetting the change is likely to be.

We will have a New Moon in the sign of Aquarius on the 27th which encourages more humanitarian movements, and can also manifest as a call to action for our freedoms.

Wondering how this can all affect you more personally ? Now would be an excellent time to get a reading or have some Astrology chart work done. I can be reached at 541 295-0804

Sending you all many blessings for a prosperous healthy and loving New Year.


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