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February Astrological Forecast

February is a very important month because it is the beginning of major changes coming into our lives. It is the start of Eclipse season. And where these Eclipses fall in our natal charts will show the areas of our lives that will be a major focus over the next few years.

Being human we often tend to stay in our own comfort zones to avoid what might be uncomfortable or painful. And sometimes we all need something to make us get out of the middle of the road and pick one side or the other. Eclipses make this happen they force us into action to make choices. Eclipses help break patterns and shift energies.

The first eclipse is a lunar one in the sign of Leo on February 10. In a Lunar eclipse the Sun is opposite the Moon. Being in the sign of Leo this lunar eclipse will bring your attentions into a much stronger focus on relationships. You will be looking at what are your own needs and what are the needs of others. It will become much clearer to see the imbalances that cause problems and disharmony in this area of your life. This can help you to clear out any old emotional baggage and see things much more clearly.

Being in the sign of Leo there will be also be a fiery element to this Full Moon energy. This energy will help move things forward however it has the potential to make abrupt endings as well. If something or someone needs to be removed from your life or if something needs to have an ending this Eclipse can help set things into motion. This is a very powerful eclipse however it is also a good one because it makes us change for the better. Remember that change can be a good thing.

The second eclipse will be a Solar eclipse in the sign of Pisces on February 26 During Solar Eclipses the Moon is directly between the Earth and Sun .This will bring into focus the energies of compassion, spirituality and helping others. This will bring also usher in the awareness of how much do you take on and absorb the energies and emotions of other people.

Pisces helps us to open up our spiritual side. It is about compassionate service. Be inspired and dream. Allow your creativity to flow. Stay open to your inner guidance and speak your truth. Also The planet Venus enters the sign of Aries on February 3rd. This will bring in the energy of speaking out more about what we like and what we don’t.

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